All Day Breakfast

Toast ( V ) *                                                            $6.50

Turkish, Soughdough, Wholemeal, White and Gluten Free ( 2 slices ) 

Banana Bread or Fruit and Nut ( 1 slice ) 

Fruit Salad ( GF, V )                                          $8.50

Fresh Fruit served with natural yoghurt and honey 

Acai or Pitaya Bowl ( V ) *                            $14.50

Blended with banana, apple juice or pineapple, topped with house made granola, fresh fruit and coconut

Smashed Avo ( V )                                            $13.00

Sourdough topped with avo, feta, coriander, balsamic glaze and 1 poached egg 

Burrito                                                              $18.00 

Flat bread filled with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, salsa and omelette served with sour cream and avo

Corn Fritters                                                 $17.50 

Corn, Zucchini and capsicum fritters, layers of bacon, topped with with spinach, avo and sun dried tomatoes

Brekky Bruschetta *                                    $17.50

Bacon, mushrooms, sausage, cherry toms, onion, and halloumi on a bed of turkish toast with spinach and pesto with 1 poached egg 

Pancakes                                                           $16.00

Served with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream 

Bacon and Egg Burger                                $10.50

Bacon, egg, cheese, spinach and bbq sauce

Eggs Benedict ( GF, V )                                  $18.00

House made Hollandaise, 2 eggs, spinach, and turkish toast with a choice of bacon or salmon 

EOT ( scrambled, poached, fried ) V*      $11.50

served on soughdough toast 

Big Breakfast *                                                $19.00

Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, sausage, grilled tomato, baked beans, and hash browns and soughdough toast

Kids EOT ( scrambled, poached, fried )* $10.00

Served on sourdough toast

Kids Pancakes                                                   $10.00

Served with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream 



Lunch  ..... Served from 11am 

Mango and Prawn Salad                                       $23.00

Mesclun, cucumber, onion, cherry toms, carrot, bean shoots, mango, and a lemon dressing served with coconut crumbed prawns

Warm Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad           $19.00

Roasted sweet potato, quinoa, spinach, feta, sundried tomatoes, onion, cucumber, almond slivers, bean shoots with a lemon dressing and balsamic glaze

The Shack Burger                                                     $19.50

Beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, avo, bbq sauce served with fries 

Pulled Pork Burger                                               $16.50 

Smokey bbq pork, coleslaw served with fries

Grilled Chicken Burger *                                   $18.50  

Grilled chicken, bacon, egg, avo, lettuce, tomato and aioli served with fries

Barramundi *                                                           $19.50     

Grilled or battered served with side salad fries and tartare sauce

Salt and Pepper Calamari                                 $19.50

Served with salad and and tartare sauce 



Kids Meals 

Battered Fish and fries        $10.00

Chicken Nuggets and fries      $10.00 

Cheese burger and fries        $10.00 


Avocado                        $4.00

Bacon                          $4.50

Halloumi                       $5.00 

Hash Browns                    $4.50 

Mushrooms                      $4.00 

Sausage                        $4.00 

Grilled Chicken                     $5.00 

Smoked Salmon                       $6.00 

Coconut crumbed Prawns              $8.00 

Side of Fries                       $4.00 

Bowl of Fries                       $9.00 

Banana or Strawberries              $2.00